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RE: Scottish 2017 - Alan Borwell - 24-07-2017

(23-07-2017, 11:23 PM)EAndy Howie Wrote: Congrats to Murad, sorry I was not at the Prize giving as I had to keep an eye on the final game in the 150.

I am literally just in, can I personally thank Jim Anderson for hanging back and giving us a hand to pack away.  There is a basic news item on the web page, I will update it after I have had some sleep (tomorrow) as I am out on my feet at the moment (I also need Alan to send on the photos).

Not my usual standard of service but I have been on the go since 9am this morning and it has been a long hard week for us so please accept my apologies

Very grateful thanks to you, Alex and all of the Arbiter team for your considerable efforts throughout the week in Dundee which contributed greatly to the enjoyment and success of the 150 celebrations!

RE: Scottish 2017 - Andy Howie - 24-07-2017

We do and we checked yesterday. Murad is the second youngest

RE: Scottish 2017 - PeterReidSmith - 24-07-2017

Great stuff Murad - well done.

RE: Scottish 2017 - Graham Kerr - 24-07-2017

just been chatting with him by email, i had to ask if he'd turned 17 yet... i guess i shoulda looked in here first...
@Andy, who was it who won at a younger age, and how long ago?

RE: Scottish 2017 - amuir - 25-07-2017

Douglas Bryson has provided me with some data from which I have calculated the following:
The youngest champions are :
1.      Paul Motwani  (13/6/62,22/7/78, 16 yrs 39 days)
2.      Murad Abdulla (21/11/00, 23/7/17, 16 yrs 244 days)
3.      Jonathan Parker (19/5/76 , 1994, 18)
4.      Alexander Davie (4/4/46 , 1964 , 18)
5.      Peter Jamieson (1/7/46, 1965 , 19)

RE: Scottish 2017 - Alex McFarlane - 25-07-2017

All of the games from the Championship & International Open are up on Chess Results.

The computer used to upgrade the Championship website is playing up hence the lack of updates for a few days.
I hope to have everything updated by the end of the week.

RE: Scottish 2017 - PeterReidSmith - 26-07-2017

Good tournament, enjoyed it, nice to see the sponsorship and professional staging.

RE: Scottish 2017 - Graham Kerr - 28-07-2017

Cheers Andrew :-)
@Peter... you must be pleased with your draw vs GM Korneev ;-)

RE: Scottish 2017 - PeterReidSmith - 28-07-2017

The draw against (IM) Roddy was quite nice ; the game with (GM) Korneev was interesting and "complex" (his words Smile ) , but he did win - if any results show otherwise it's a mistake.

I did enjoy the tourney though.

RE: Scottish 2017 - Graham Kerr - 29-07-2017

ah, right... the pgn i have gives it as a draw... sorry :-0