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Cappelle - amuir - 17-12-2011

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The 28th International Open of Cappelle la Grande will take place 3 - 10 March 2012 to the Palais des arts.

Last year 2 players received help with accommodation from organisers.
I will check up for situation this year.
If you wish considered for a subsidy, please contact me by 31 December

Re: Cappelle - amuir - 03-01-2012

Only Alan Tate & Martin Mitchell contacted me so they get the nominations

Re: Cappelle - David G Congalton - 03-01-2012

Good luck to both. Out of interest, how many GM norms does Alan Tate cuurently have and how many more does he need to be awarded the title of GM?

Am I right in thinking that Alan has already secured enough IM norms but needs to achieve a 2400 FIDE rating before he is awrded the title?

Re: Cappelle - Andy Howie - 04-01-2012


That is correct. Alan needs a grade of 2400 at any point during a tournament for it to count. He has 1 GM norm as well!