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Czech Open 2016 - robin moore - 24-07-2016

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Plenty of Scots at the Czech Open event in Pardubice. Don't drink too much of that strong Urquell beer I used to like, I can still feel my gums tingling!

Re: Czech Open 2016 - amuir - 26-07-2016

Good luck Alan Tate on getting norms

Re: Czech Open 2016 - robin moore - 28-07-2016

I see Alan has 5/7 now including two GM scalps and scheduled to meet another in round 8.

Re: Czech Open 2016 - Clement Sreeves - 28-07-2016

Has Alan ever not made a norm at the Czech Open?

Re: Czech Open 2016 - Alan Tate - 31-07-2016

Much prefer Staropramen but also acquired a taste for Brenik at the 24 hour place : )

Re: Czech Open 2016 - robin moore - 31-07-2016

Is that at the "casino" across the road from the uni digs?

Re: Czech Open 2016 - Alan Tate - 31-07-2016

Yes, that one. The only place nearby with Internet! In reply to Clement's question: Yes, at least once ; )

Re: Czech Open 2016 - SBMannion - 01-08-2016


No one has asked the question, not sure why.
How close did you get to that second GM Norm?

Re: Czech Open 2016 - Alan Tate - 01-08-2016

The truth is I don't know Steve. I guessed it was not possible going into the last round so would have needed to have won round 8 and then win or maybe draw round 9.

Re: Czech Open 2016 - andyburnett - 01-08-2016

I thought a last round win would have bagged it for you, but didn't want to check or say anything as you didn't want to know anyway! Still a very good performance - I was impressed by a lot of your games even if you weren't!