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English tournaments - Ianbrownlee - 10-07-2016

Hi Guys
I may be looking to play in an English weekend tournament to play in next season especially since my grading has taken a huge battering this season. As I intend to drive I need somewhere where accommodation is cheap and easy access by car. Any ideas?

I also noticed when looking at the ECF calendar that the 4NCL is having a fide rated weekend congress in Birmingham this weekend which is unfortunate as it possibly clashes with the first rounds of the Scottish

Re: English tournaments - robin moore - 10-07-2016

Hi Ian,

For travelling by car the two tournaments that spring to mind are..

Blackpool- More expensive to enter now but limitless cheap accommodation (March).

South Lakes- A favourite of mine in June at the quaint Victorian resort of Grange-over-Sands overlooking Morecambe bay. Accommodation pricier but reasonable options if booked well in advance.

Re: English tournaments - Andy Howie - 10-07-2016


Re: English tournaments - Phil Thomas - 10-07-2016

Charter le street in August

Northumberland in September, seaside accommodation at Whitley bay a few miles away

Re: English tournaments - Arthur Mulholland - 11-07-2016

Ian, check the Welsh Chess Union events page (they'll also list Welsh tournaments on ECF). Friendly bunch too.

Re: English tournaments - Brendan O'Gorman - 14-07-2016

Also a 4NCL congress in Wakefield in mid-September. Good playing conditions and the hotel has a decent restaurant. Lots of eating options in the town centre a few miles away. There's a reasonable congress in Preston in early December.

By the way, the August event mentioned by Phil, is in Chester le Street.

Re: English tournaments - Phil Thomas - 15-07-2016

thanks for pointing that out.
My failure to proof read adequately

Chester-le-Street in August ...which is near Durham and easy to reach by car from Scotland

Real fault lies with my spell checker. The system is shot.