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Korchnoi and Larsen training seminar - JonathanIMGrant - 26-01-2016

There's a gap in the calendar at the start of March so I've worked with Neil Berry to set up a training seminar at Edinburgh Chess Club.

I've started a thread under Tournaments and Events with details of the seminar which are also available at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->.

For those who wonder what to expect, Andrew Burnett wrote a review of my previous seminar "Analysing from Bronstein to Carlsen" in last June's Scottish Chess Magazine no.259.

Korchnoi and Larsen were both in the world elite over long periods and played many fantastic fighting games. In a special session Keti will explain what she learnt from her games against Viktor the Terrible and The Great Dane.

Please share with anyone you think might be interested!

Re: Korchnoi and Larsen training seminar - Neil Berry - 27-02-2016

Just a quick reminder for anyone else interested in attending this event to get in touch. Places are filling up nicely but there are still a few spots left.