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Re: SNCL Entries - Clement Sreeves - 29-10-2015

Jonathan Edwards Wrote:Geoff (Chandler) once gave a few of us a puzzle/teaser: opponent's king on d4 (or any central square), with your king on a1 (or any irrelevant square)... place 2 rooks and a knight on the board so that it's checkmate. It took Clément over 5 minutes to solve and others, including myself, gave up.

I gave the same puzzle to Matilda at Sciennes once. It took her less than 1 minute. Chess is a funny game! =Smile

You are mistaken, I also gave up.

Re: SNCL Entries - Alan Jelfs - 30-10-2015

Which side is being checkmated?

Re: SNCL Entries - Martin Robinson - 30-10-2015

This must be a favourite puzzle of Geoff's: I remember him demonstrating this in a talk he gave before the prize giving at the Edinburgh Congress some 25 years ago. It is your opponent who is being mated: ie on a central square. I remember Geoff saying that this is a puzzle where inexperienced players seem to be at an advantage, as they make fewer assumptions. Hamish's question is along the right lines....

P.S: I didn't get it at the time either.

Re: SNCL Entries - Alan Tate - 31-10-2015

Solved (took about 10 minutes).

Re: SNCL Entries - Alan Tate - 31-10-2015

Edit: Not solved, I take it back!

Re: SNCL Entries - Alan Jelfs - 31-10-2015

Solved, for an illegal position.

Re: SNCL Entries - Glynis Grant - 02-11-2015

Round 3

I am in discussions with another team to bring them in for the rest of the season, therefore there will probably not be a bye for the rest of the season.

As far as points tables go -- as the two byes were junior teams I think everyone would be quite happy for them to keep their bye points.
If you disagree let Andy or myself know (either in private or through the forum!)


Re: SNCL Entries - andyburnett - 03-11-2015

Solved it in 1 minute for an illegal position :/ Don't think it's possible at all for a legal position??!

Re: SNCL Entries - Phil Thomas - 03-11-2015

That was my conclusion too. That only solution is an illegal position.

I guess that we subconciously concentrate on legal positions which slows us down enormously.

Re: SNCL Entries - Phil Thomas - 19-11-2015

How about this position

White King on b6
White Rooks on a6 and c6
Black King on b8

White to move

BUT you have to mate in 3 moves
AND you have to move each of your pieces.