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Re: SNCL Entries - Glynis Grant - 21-10-2015

All games will be completed at venue but you are welcome to analyse in the pub. Mine's a diet coke, thanks.


Re: SNCL Entries - David G Congalton - 21-10-2015


North Ayrshire Crusaders needs players to participate in SNCL Division 2. Anyone who would like to play should contact me through <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> before 5pm on Friday, so that I can let Glynis and Andy know if NAC will be part of SNCL this year. You don't have to be from North Ayrshire but you would have to make your own way to Dunfermline for this Sunday's rounds. I can possibly arrange lifts for subsequent rounds.

David Congalton

Re: SNCL Entries - harrymarron - 25-10-2015

Well done to the Div 4 team who didn't bother to turn up today and left my kids with no games! No wonder we find it hard to keep young people in the game! Hopefully somebody else can name and shame whoever it was cause I wasn't able to find out. I look forward to doing the same to you sometime and I hope you get relegated!


Re: SNCL Entries - Alan Tate - 25-10-2015

Students, no doubt.

Re: SNCL Entries - Calum McGillivray - 25-10-2015

I think there was just an odd number of teams in Division 4.

Re: SNCL Entries - harrymarron - 25-10-2015

So my team records the biggest giant killing act of the season and gets a bye round!!! That's even worse :-)

Re: SNCL Entries - Glynis Grant - 25-10-2015

All div 4 teams did turn up today.If you had read the previous posts you woukd have realised it was the very late withdrawal of NAC from div 2 that caused the changes in divisions 2,3,4.
We try very hard to make even divisions and in the past I have inserted the Woodmill Warriors to fix this problem. However, due to holidays I was unable to contact potential pupils.
It would be very unfair to ask one of the new teams to leave SNCL as their entry had been accepted before the closing date.
If your team was the morning juniors I am really sorry you are uoset as I personally ensured that every one in that team had a gradable friendly and was under the impression that everyone was happy with this.
I do not know which team had the bye in the afternoon but presumed that because I was not asked to repeat the process they had been happy to take the early departure.
I shall try to make another team to even up div 4 for the rest of the season. Anyone who would like to be part of this team please contact me.


Re: SNCL Entries - Andy Howie - 26-10-2015

harrymarron Wrote:So my team records the biggest giant killing act of the season and gets a bye round!!! That's even worse :-)

I am dying to see the scores!!

Re: SNCL Entries - harrymarron - 26-10-2015

The Lenzie team were not happy to leave early without playing in round 2 but neither did they make a considerable round trip just to play a graded friendly. Accepting that we couldn't refuse the new teams entry but why couldn't one of the new teams to the league not be given the bye rounds? Is it just a coincidence that the 2 teams hit with byes were both junior teams? Big coincidence 'cause there aren't that many junior teams playing. I hope we're not picking on the litt'luns? Grown ups could at least have gone to the pub!

I would have thought that we would be positively discriminating in favour of juniors participating in this competition. Until there's some evidence of this I'm unlikely to be fielding a team next year and this competition can just die on its arse like a number of others have done recently.

Re: SNCL Entries - Glynis Grant - 26-10-2015

First of all no way are we picking on the juniors and I highly resent you suggesting that we are. As far as deciding which teams get a bye as I am not the arbiter I really can't comment but I expect Andy Howie will at some point. However, I do know that Div 4 is a Swiss tourney this year and therefore would imagine that your team were due the bye on these grounds.
No one, junior or senior likes to get a bye but unfortunately they do happen. Nevermind, look on the bright side these teams are guaranteed to get the next five games as you cant get two byes.
As I had previously stated if you had let me know about the problem I could have tried to round up extra players, there were people there who could have obliged and a gradable friendly is better than no game at all.
In future I expect you to talk to me in person at the tournament so that I have the opportunity to solve problems. Waiting until after the event does not achieve anything.
Personally I cannot visualise who you are Harry but please come and speak to me and my team at the beginning of next month's event so that we can allay any other negative thoughts you have towards SNCL.
Finally, I cannot 'positively discriminate' towards juniors as you put it as this is the National League and all teams must be treated as equals, whether they have juniors in the team or not. There is not a handicapping system installed and, personally, I dont think the juniors would thank us for one. I was thrilled to see just how many teams had juniors. This shows that we are building a strong future for Scottish Chess with youngsters who are confidently challenging adults on equal terms. I saw many examples yesterday of these juniors being encouraged and respected by the adults who interacted with them.