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Another cheating incident - Andy Howie - 30-04-2015

Sigh... When, when, when are they going to learn....

Re: Another cheating incident - PShafi - 01-05-2015

So after a wholly transparent attempt at cheating, the cheater (kitted out like Inspector Gadget remember) willingly went to a room to be frisked.

After a thorough search lasting less than 1 second he was finally apprehended, his body bulging with even more gadgets than I own.

Not fazed by being caught, he helpfully stayed behind for the obligatory (and a rather relaxed looking) after-cheat photo shoot ... as you do. Great that he took the time to take off his socks and shoes for a better close up of a phone that apparently doesn't make any noise when it vibrates.

(And if that's not him in the photos, good of him to lend all his gear for a very detailed reconstruction.)

To wrap up his tournament, he conjured up some quotes for The Hindu Newspaper and then apparently wrote up his crime.