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Dark Horse - Arthur Mulholland - 22-02-2015

Managed to get along to see Dark Horse at the film festival the other day. Worth going to see. It's the true story of Genesis Potini in New Zealand. Don't want to ruin it by saying too much more. The chess parts are not the worst portrayal I've seen either.

Re: Dark Horse - John Blake - 22-02-2015

Here's the link to the trailer.
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Re: Dark Horse - HelenMilligan - 23-02-2015

It's a powerful film. Down here, the guy is a hero. Not so much for his chess as for what he did with it. And the film has some serious chess input - watch the credits - local FM Ewen Green coached Cliff Curtis in the chess role. As far as I'm aware, the only 'liberty' taken was to make the NZ junior championship a knockout instead of the swiss that it actually is - they thought there was no way a swiss system could be explained to the viewers in the time available!

I can thoroughly recommend it!