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SNCL Fixtures and dates - Glynis Grant - 08-11-2014

Just making sure you all know that the fixtures are up on the official SNCL website.

(my website for SNCL is redundant and has been removed)

To find website go to Chess Scotland, Main menu, Leagues

There was also a problem with dates -- the venue double booked us with Blood Transfusion Unit - we naturally lost!!

The dates are now 9/11/14 15/2/15 15/3/15 and 29/3/15

I have also booked the next season 25/10/15 29/11/15 28/2/16 27/3/16

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


Re: SNCL Fixtures and dates - Patrick McGovern - 08-11-2014

Greenwood need a player for tomorrow; can anyone help? 07895182662. ta