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Ad nuisance - Glynis Grant - 18-10-2014

:bash: Every time I go to CS website I get pestered by sites telling me to fill in surveys. Is everyone getting this or have I got a virus.

I've just checked this post and some of the words are blue and underlined. If you hover over them you get more adverts -- please don't. what's going on? How do I fix it??
Please advise!!


Re: Ad nuisance - andyburnett - 18-10-2014

Hi Glynis,

I had this problem on a PC some years ago - can't remember what I did to remove it, but this might be useful

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Otherwise, wait for one of our techy-types to respond Smile

Andy B

Re: Ad nuisance - Alastair White - 18-10-2014

You have some nasties on you computer. Download Malwarebytes (Free version) - and run it.

Re: Ad nuisance - Glynis Grant - 18-10-2014

Thank you to you both. I have downloaded Alistair's malware programme and it seems to have worked. Andy's website was very informative.

GG Smile