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REFERENDUM - amuir - 17-09-2014

I shall be voting YES tomorrow. Time to get my Scotland shirt on again and the saltire out.

Re: REFERENDUM - Patrick McGovern - 17-09-2014

thought this site was non political?

Re: REFERENDUM - Derek Howie - 17-09-2014

What's the relevance of the saltire and Scotland short? No voters have them too.

Re: REFERENDUM - andyburnett - 17-09-2014

Hope Andy M gets his vote cast before his maw calls him in for his tea - imagine the fate of the nation's future coming down to that? Smile)

Re: REFERENDUM - Patrick McGovern - 18-09-2014


Re: REFERENDUM - amuir - 18-09-2014

I am queueing up if necessary to make the deadline. At the Dumbarton v Hearts game there was a van going round playing Caledonia at a loud volume. There is a YES banner on the top of the tall Ballantine building and someone has also put a large YES banner in their garden.

Re: REFERENDUM - hamish olson - 18-09-2014


Re: REFERENDUM - Mike Scott - 09-11-2014

I think the NO will get it.

Re: REFERENDUM - Jonathan Livingstone - 12-11-2014

I'm saying it will be a yes next time!