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Tromso Olympiad - Mens - Andy Howie - 05-08-2014

Andy is having problems connecting to the noticeboard. I will try and sort it out for him at the weekend when I see him. He has asked me to post the following (I will continue to post his updates as he sends them)

1, mens and womens teams at separate hotels. Two andrews sleep on couch\fold--up beds , 6 people in 4 bed flat, however not affecting chess and currently doing ok
2, I offer to do a 3 hour free saturday training session going over games,and my training course for 25-30 people if somone organises a date and venue
3, Rumours are that Garry will lose election due to bribery by KI.
4, I cannot logon to noticeboard.

Re: Tromso Olympiad - Mens - Andy Howie - 05-08-2014

Quote:3, Rumours are that Garry will lose election due to bribery by KI.
I can confirm that I have not been approached by the KI team. Sadly this does not surprise me. I will be speaking with my European and Zonal counterparts on Sunday night and will gauge the mood with them. I think Gary has Europe, Asia and Africa. Hopefully that will be enough to prevail

Re: Tromso Olympiad - Mens - Matthew Turner - 06-08-2014

It seems like the election is carrying on, but in the background there is also preparation for a post election scenario where Kirsan secures a narrow victory. Sadly, I think we might be heading back to the Court of Arbitration in Sport for some more lawfare.

Re: Tromso Olympiad - Mens - Andy Howie - 06-08-2014

Latest from Andy

Alan and Andrew have climbed the high mountain in order to ride down by cablecar.
Posters all over town: Kasparov - the future of Chess
Teams are wearing one of two t-shirts depending on camp. KI motto is onwards and upwards.
It was GK,s daughter Aida who was with him
I met GK yesterday with Roddy who won again and congratulated him on his human rights campaigns

Re: Tromso Olympiad - Mens - davidpgillespie - 07-08-2014

Anyone got a selfie with Magnus Carlsen yet?

Re: Tromso Olympiad - Mens - Andy Howie - 08-08-2014

Latest from Andy

Round 5 Report - please post

1.5-2.5 v Bosnia Herzegvina
We were unlucky not to get something here. Alan was 2 pawns up in an endgame but only drew. Roddy missed some promising continuations and lost quickly.Andrew made an energetic piece sac and won. Colin gave up material for insufficient play.After beautiful weather early in the day Colin and Alan got caught in a thunderstorm.

Rest day.
Andy M went to training seminar with 30 people. Andrew went on bike ride.

Re: Tromso Olympiad - Mens - JonathanIMGrant - 09-08-2014

To help overcome Andy’s technical troubles, my daughter Elena is helping out by typing up his reports for posting.

Round 6 from Andy

Bo. 86 Monaco (MNC) Rtg - 66 Scotland (SCO) Rtg 1½:2½
31.1 GM Efimov, Igor 2408 - GM McNab, Colin A 2441 ½ - ½
31.2 FM Villegas, Pierre 2323 - IM Greet, Andrew N 2431 0 - 1
31.3 Nelis, Jean-Francois 2224 - GM Shaw, John 2419 0 - 1
31.4 Ribbegren, Karl Johan 2211 - FM Tate, Alan 2347 1 - 0

This was a nervy match where we just came good in the end.
Alan sacrificed his a & b pawns for not enough compensation and although he later had winning chances he did not take them.
John played the ultra-solid centre-counter with Qd8 and later broke out with e5 winning a pawn and soon the game.
Colin’s game was as predicted, a steady draw.
Andrew got a good opening but had to sacrifice the exchange to keep his pawns going forward. With a middlegame of Q+B+4 v Q+R+2 and both players down to the last minute, any result was possible. Andrew offered an exchange of queens which his opponent unwisely refused leading to a quick win.

With 8/12 we will get a strong team tomorrow.

Re: Tromso Olympiad - Mens - JonathanIMGrant - 10-08-2014

Round 7 from Andy

Bo. 66 Scotland (SCO) - 62 Ireland (IRL) 2½:1½
24.1 GM McNab, Colin A 2441 - GM Baburin, Alexander 2502 ½ - ½
24.2 IM Greet, Andrew N 2431 - IM Collins, Sam E. 2495 0 - 1
24.3 GM Shaw, John 2419 - IM Astaneh Lopez, Alex 2419 1 - 0
24.4 IM McKay, Roderick M 2349 - IM Heidenfeld, Mark 2382 1 - 0

John won with one of his BbS variations against the Sicilian, doubling black’s pawns and playing f4.
Roddy's opponent got his knight trapped on b1 and was always going to lose.
Colin sacrificed the exchange and at one point was better but only drew.
Andrew’s GM norm chances took a knock when he played a premature e5 and lost a pawn.

At the pro-Kasparov party after, several players gave a musical demonstration including Nigel Short on guitar.

Re: Tromso Olympiad - Mens - Andy Howie - 10-08-2014

Missed it trying to get my luggage sorted. I was hoping to make it to the playing hall but have to wait for the delivery. Will try and pop in and see you all at some point this week

Re: Tromso Olympiad - Mens - Matthew Turner - 10-08-2014

Look to have made a good start against Iceland. Andy Greet seems to have an advantage and all the others seem pretty level to me.