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Re: Glorney Teams - Alex Gillies - 01-08-2014

Good luck to Glorney Gilbert Stokes Robinson next week - think they all have a fighting chance!

Re: Glorney Teams - Craig Pritchett - 03-08-2014

For visitors/spectators: what are daily times of play?

Ah - just discovered ... see <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Re: Glorney Teams - Jacqui Thomas - 03-08-2014

Good luck to all those at the Glorney, the teams, organisers, arbiters, chaperones & parents. Carrying on the spirit of the Glasgow commonwealth Games, Bring it on!

Re: Glorney Teams - Stuart L - 04-08-2014

where are the live games??

Re: Glorney Teams - Phil Thomas - 04-08-2014

Click on link from Craig - 2 posts above. Live games link on right of screen.

Re: Glorney Teams - Jacqui Thomas - 04-08-2014

Has anyone got the full results from round 1?

Re: Glorney Teams - Phil Thomas - 04-08-2014

In the Glorney this morning I know that Daniel Thomas won and Ben He reached a totally won pawn ending.

Re: Glorney Teams - Andy McCulloch - 04-08-2014

I have tried several times to get to the live games. No matter what event I choose, I can only see the top board. As soon as I try to select another board I get a fleeting glimpse of a position, which then switches immediately to the top 5 boards of the last round of the Commonwealth. Minor glitch, but where?

Re: Glorney Teams - hamish olson - 04-08-2014

the solution andy (I had this problem too) is to click on the top board and to use the keyboard arrows to navigate - an irritating glitch but a circumventable one Smile

Re: Glorney Teams - hamish olson - 04-08-2014

this link seems to be live as well :

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

just go to the round being played and it is live. Can navigate using mouse on that link Smile