Full Version: U16 Olympiad
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Good luck to the Scottish U16 team:-
Andrew Mc.
Shivan M.
Ali R.
Sam G.

That is playing in the U16 Olympiad in Turkey over the next two weeks.
Good luck guys (and girl!)! Big Grin
I am going to predict either a title or a norm Big Grin
first round is today at 17.00pm Turkish local time
Which means 3pm over here. Tick tock. Good luck folks, get into them.
And all games are live!
Good luck!
The broadcast is quite amusing- Ali Roy has been transformed to Roy Chowdhury (2427), while Sam Gregory is now Gregory S Kaidanov (2574). Also our very own Paul Roberts appears to have sneaked into the South African squad Big Grin
Live games here

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Fantastic result for Ali today! Congratulations!
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