Full Version: European Seniors Team Championship, Sibenik 2014
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The first entries for the ESTC in Sibenik, Croatia, from 1-10 April 2014 are shown in the following website:-

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Started yesterday. There are some live games on the website.

Watch out for Scotland 1 vs Russia 2 this afternoon (Vasyukov, Pushkov, Mischushkov, Chernikov, last year's Russia 1.Should be worth a look!

Yesterday's resu;ts - Scotland1 3-1 BSW Germany2

wins for Peter & Phil, Draws for Ian R and Alan S

Scotland2 1-3 Denmark
Good Draws for Douglas and Ian M against strong opposition
Alan B and I lost. In my game against 2012 World Senior Champion GM Jens Kristansen. I was level or better for 5 hours and 55 moves before making a mistake and losing on move 60.
Yesterday Scotland 1 caused Russia 2 quite a stir. Only the old war-horse GM Vasiukov was in (apparent) fine form on board 1, where he eventually downed Peter Jamieson, who played White, in a highly complicated Trompowsky. Phil Giulian appeared to have the better of it from an opening that misfired for GM Pushkov, who may have been a bit fortunate that Phil agreed to the draw. Ian Robertson's Open b3 Sicilian retained a firm grip throughout on Board 3. Alan Scrimgour defended heroically to hold, in the end quite comfortably, in a Queen's Indian in which his opponent pressed hard in a dangerous gambit line.

Reward: Russia 1 v Russia 2 today; Scotland v Austria / Vienna ... on paper much easier than Russia 2 ... but sadly off the live boards this afternoon. Haven't time to check out Scotland 2. Good luck to all!
Scotland 2 beat Finland 3 by 3-1, with Ian Marks winning nicely with K-side attack and I did similarly - Douglas was winning into the middle game but his opponent rallied before blundering and Alastair was winning for most of the game but after all the pieces and queens were exchanged he sadly made a crucial error in pawn ending.