Full Version: Lothians Allegro - Avg Grade Calc
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I've been having a look down the grading results from the Lothians Allegro, and it appears that the average grade calculations are incorrect in occassions where the 400up/down rule is applied, with respect to then calculating TPR (I think).

For example, James Hartham in the Minor played 5 opponents all rated over 1000, and yet his Avg Opp Calc is 906 (his rating of 506 + 400). While for the main rating calculations the 400 rule makes sense, does it make sense for TPR calculations, which is what it's also being used for? =) A mathematical flaw perhaps, or can someone with more experience than I shed some light on why it's done this way?
The program can only display grade + 400 as a maximum, it is a limitation of the program
Thanks Andy, I thought as much. =)