Full Version: Winter Chess Festival
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I have merged the three topics and now have links to the draw and results


Round 1 Results

Nisbet, Charles Hedge, Stuthi 1-0
Watson, Jim Smith, Mark 1-0
Williams, Hutch McCullough, Andy 1/2
McGillivary, Calum Rutherford, Kathleen 1-0
O'Brien, Bob bye
Underwood, Jamie HPB
Round 2

Hedge, Stuthi (0) Rutherford, Kathleen (0)
McCullough, Andy (0.5) McGillivary, Calum (1)
Underwood, Jamie (0.5) Williams, Hutch (0.5)
Smith, Mark (0) O'Brien, Bob (1)
Nisbet, Charles (1) Watson, Jim (1)
Round 1

Green, Andrew Kafka, Graeme 0-1
Bamber, Elaine Edwards, Jonathan 1-0
Buchanan, Walter Schwartz, Julius 1/2
Olson, Hamish McGowan, Daniel 1-0
Stevenson, Jim Brechin, Hugh 1/2
Robinson, Stephen Grove, Michael 0-1
Kirk, Larry Campbell, Eoin 1-0
Round 1

Bremner, Adam Berry, Neil 0-1
Burnett Andrew Kilpatrick, Callum 0-1
Michielsen, Joost MacQueen, Calum 1-0
Swan, Iain McNab, Colin A 0-1
Hamitevici, Vladimir Steil-Antoni, Fiona 0.5-0.5
Round 2

Grove, Michael (1) Olson, Hamish (1)
Kafka, Graeme (1) Kirk, Larry (1)
Schwartz, Julius (0.5) Bamber, Elaine (1)
Brechin, Hugh (0.5) Buchanan, Walter (0.5)
McGowan, Daniel (0) Stevenson, Jim (0.5)
Campbell, Eoin (0) Green, Andrew (0)
Edwards, Jonathan (0) Robinson, Stephen (0)
Hi Andy

Any live or manual games?

Need to bring a scanner on monday to work out what the source of electrical interference is