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Good luck to Ali Roy in the World Youth 2013 - First Round tomorrow at 15.00 local time or 11.00 in UK.
In the U18 girls section Ali is seeded 47th of the 99 players.

Should be playing one of the ungraded players today.
It has been reported that "It is an absolute shambles" The first round is delayed until 5pm (1pm UK time). The first round pairings might be posted at 4pm.

Any update on the issues that are causing the delay?
This is not an unknown occurrence at World Youth Championships! I suspect it is just finding out who is actually there. Obviously this is quite important for Ali, because as Phil pointed out at 47 of 99 she should expect an unrated player, but a few small changes could see her slip into the bottom half.
robin moore Wrote:Matt,

Any update on the issues that are causing the delay?


funniest posting on the notice board for years.

25 minutes after hearing that it is absolute shambles in the UAE - can we have an update from England?

Not everyone will get the joke though. Some people think than irony is like silvery but with a different metal.

PS Andy
Are there going to be live boards at this event? Can you let me know by the end of my lunch break please?
Still no pairings and I understand there are arguments going on about what venues will be used (hopefully for which events). Phil is right that I am in England so the information I am relaying is very much second hand.
First round draws are starting to appear here -

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49 49 Roy Ali 1891 v Muzuva Chiedza Lisa 98
Quite a few changes must have come in on the morning. Ali is now 46 on the website, but 49 in the pairings. Iran are very much an emerging chess nation, so its a bit of lottery how good her opponent is.
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Live games, although not appearing yet.
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