Full Version: Another Coincidece.
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I've had more than my fair share of coincidences in chess.

Here are just two, I have dozens like it.

Once I drew a cartoon for my magazine where one player (Phil Condie)
knocked another player (Danny Kopec) off his bike.

Two weeks later Danny actually skidded and fell off his bike.
The next car to come along stopped to see if Danny was OK. It was driven by Phil Condie.
That is 100% true.

In 1990 I made a chess videa where I beat Bob Ford in a made up game with
me on the Black side of a Sicilian winning in 15 moves.
About 6 months later I played Bob in a league game and won as Black with a Sicilian in 15 moves!

On the Red Hot Pawn Blog I introduced a Duck as a sidekick to bounce ideas off.
It would ask the daft questions or crack silly jokes etc..etc...

Eventually The Duck set off on a tour around the world staying with RHP members
for a few days them moving on. USA, Canda, Mexico, Vietnam, South Africa, New Zealand...

This link was just sent to me.

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It's not a fake.

Funny old world.