Full Version: Max Euwe Chess Museum
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Might be going to Amsterdam in the next couple of weeks for work. If I get some free time I want to go and visit the Chess Museum. Anyone been there already and what did you think?
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Don't know about the museum but did manage to get some chess mentioned when I noticed the street name of this place as we headed to it when I was working in Amsterdam for a few months.
I have a few contacts in the Netherlands who might help Big Grin
I was in the Max Euwe museum just over five years ago. It is well worth a look for any chess fan and at that time at least had free entry. I seem to remember rows and rows of books and several tables set up for play. There was a couple of older gentlemen sitting playing each other in the corner. The man in charge showed me round although in terms of exhibits there is not that much to see. In order to spend more than an hour there you would need to get into the books or play at the boards. He gave me a free postcard with a picture of Max Euwe on it and sold me a few old copies of New in Chess very cheaply. Outside the museum is a large outdoor board where several people gathered to watch the game. I can't remember the names but there are a few pubs where you can go for a game of chess in the evening and I saw the man from the museum in one and sat watching his game for a while before someone challenged me to a couple of games which I really enjoyed despite losing badly. There seems to be more of a chess culture over there and I even noticed people playing at an outdoor café.
I need to make sure I get some free time when I am over!
Went there about 15 years ago. I remember there was a large number of books, a few sets and boards available and several antique clocks on display. Also a very helpful and knowledgeable curator. Played on the outdoor board, and also in a couple of the chess cafes, in one of which a cat would occasionally stroll across the board during a game!