Full Version: SNCL Season 2013/14
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Hi Folks,
Yes it's that time again!!!

The forms have been sent out to last years captains and Dick Heathwood has been given a copy to hopefully get up on the CS website.

You can also get them on and I'm sure if I ask him nicely Andy Howie will put them up on

I will email copies to the other clubs that I can get addresses for.

If you don't get a copy or can't download from any of these sites please email me at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

Lets see if we can hit 40 teams this year and open up a div 5!!!!!

Glynis, On the snclchess. weebly site the dates are all wrong. They are Monday's dates not Sunday's. =)
Glynis Grant Wrote:Lets see if we can hit 40 teams this year and open up a div 5!!!!!

Hmmm, playing chess in the car park. That has its appeal...
Thanks J. I'll get onto the site and have a look.

Andy -- If I managed to get my 'larger' cuddly guys to sit on chairs built for Primary kids in 1997, I'm sure I can squeeze 40 teams into the space we have at Dunfermline. The biggest problem could be lack of tables and chairs -- they may have to play on the floor. Now that would be a sight to see.