Full Version: what does Phil Thomas play as black
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thanks Jim, I agree that light hearted comments were misconstrued. Confidentiality means i cannot comment on Phils other unfortunate comments.

Phil I was only JOKING Big Grin honestly Big Grin if it offends you I sincerely apologise

with regards to my poor performance at the weekend, no excuses i was beaten by players who simply played better than me, including one excellent junior who then proceeded to give me the benefit of his vast wisdom during the analysis of our game. as i already noted in the junior posts the future of scottish chess is in capable hands of these many, talented, juniors.
While I share Jim's comments regarding Phil's comments I am not surprised that Phil took offense at your comment - although I (and most people including Phil I am sure) would not object normally I may well do if the comment came from someone I did not get on with and consistently disagreed with. That is I think human nature and best keeping in mind.
Thanks Mike
Big Grin
Thanks for the help everyone,

Ian should be thoroughly confused by now.

PS I don't know the answer myself yet - I will decide over the weekend.


Much better to tackle the real question for Monday evening

Jammy dodgers or Jaffa cakes ?
which do you prefer Ian?
definitely the Jaffa CAKES cos you're the jammy dodger, be wary of the coffee I offer you when you arrive. Seriously I wont start the clock if you're running late coming up from England and I'm sure Tom Donahue wont force me (I'll ask him anyway)
I hope we get an answer to this Big Grin
In order to upset Ian's prematch routine I brought in Jammy dodgers instead of the anticipated Jaffa Cakes.

Ian was more sneaky than me, he changed the draw giving me a new opponent and then promised not to start my clock.

I was 2 or 3 minutes late after a 400 mile drive and I wish to express my thanks to my opponent Willie Hulme for not starting my clock until I finished my Subway meal.
damn he found me out Big Grin I just got overloaded with the advice I got I thought it easier to change the draw
great news for all Brownlee v Thomas is back on for the final round ! All at stake , reputations, Jaffa cakes, jammy dodgers, tournament and as posted win or lose I'll publish the game here btw how can you publish the game onto the forum from chessbase?
well now we know! Big Grin
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