Full Version: Manifesto of Ken Stewart for Technical Director
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Technical Director

Dependent on the outcome of the elections, I hope to continue the routine work (it’s that type of post) described in my report.
I hope to move forward the new system of arbiter qualification, though this is a bit hampered by the smaller number of arbiters who would be able to act as mentors of candidates. I hope to run a course or courses for prospective arbiters. The one-day course organised by Ayrshire last year was successful and I’d encourage other areas to do likewise – local areas know who might be interested in their area.
As indicated in my report, updates to the laws and rules will be dealt with when appropriate.

I have been a Scottish Arbiter since 1976 and International Arbiter since 1984. Though not doing as much as I used to, I still expect to be active in the arbiter area.
I organised the Scottish Congress 1995-1997. I was on the Glasgow Congress committee 1973 to about 2007.
I have held various posts since 1977 in SCA/CS, mostly in the general area of tournaments and arbiters.

Ken Stewart