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I believe that it was Sean Milton who once said to me that "Chess Scotland moves too slowly at times" and I have to agree with that at times.

Neither Andy, Hugh or I have been comfortable with what has been going on recently, we have been asked to moderate more in the last month or so than we have since I took over as moderator nearly 10 years ago. To be blunt we have been in an impossible position.

Hamish and the three of us have got together to discuss what to do to try and bring this all together and we have agreed as a group to the do the following from now on.

"CS Moderators should take the following line until discussion at the AGM

(i) Moderators will remove personal attacks on anyone, whether it be President, Directors,
members or non-members. For the first instance the person will receive a warning. If it persists then the person will be placed in a group that requires their posts to be checked prior to posting

(ii) Every time a post is removed, the moderators should say it has
been removed and why - e.g. offensive, abusive or obnoxious

Chess Scotland is not above criticism and there are things that have been going wrong that we need to fix. We cannot continue with personal attacks on everyone from the President to non-members and it has to stop.

If you wish to continue posting, it is implied that you agree with the above statement.

I am now going to change the posting statuses of everyone that has been changed recently as we are starting with a clean slate as of today.

I hope everyone agrees with this and we can start to move on and resolve the issues that are holding us back


Andy Howie
Anyone who finds a post offensive, please use the red triange above the posts to report it to us!