Full Version: Format of live games
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The live games that are broadcast at Scottish events can't be viewed by iPads/iPhones presumably because they use flash technology.

I see that Glorney games are going to be shown in 2 separate formats, including a non-flash one. What are the possibilities of this also being introduced for us as well?
Good point Derek, I have the same issue in my android phone & tablet.
Andy, would it be easy to have a non-flash version?
Same old apple. Not wanting to use standard software....

I have been looking into this but it is proving to be quite tricky to set up. If I do get it going then games will be broadcase using both
Surely you can't let the Welsh be more advanced than us, Andy? Tongue
Given it is David Clayton that is doĆ­ng it (and using Chess Scotland boards...)
Andy Howie Wrote:Same old apple. Not wanting to use standard software....

Standard? Certainly not for mobiles. Even Adobe abandoned development of Flash on all mobile platforms some time ago in favour of HTML5 (which is a standard). Likely slow death for Flash.

(Apologies for those who don't watch CSI!)

Can any Ipad / Apple reader out there confirm?
Andy Howie Wrote:BOOOOM!

(Apologies for those who don't watch CSI!)

Can any Ipad / Apple reader out there confirm?

Hi Andy - I tried on Iphone 5 - on the boom link it loads but no keys available to go back and forward worth moves so its no use -

However the PGN format you use in the inverness thread works perfect if you have Chess viewer ( this is one of the best apps for apple and chess and its completely free) To improve this all you need to do is include all the games in same or separate link and or a link in final round with all games in pgn.

PGN also opens automatically in chessbase via the PC.

For me you need the TFD and PGN link with all games - some of the moves are illegal - surprised you ca get that - eh KE4 r4 dearly last move - I assume Kg4
First link is a multi view, there is no way to move back and forward. Second link there is individual games.

So it works then! Good. I will use all three going forward.

Deary game will be the King moving to the centre. I did catch it and correct it after! We had a 30 minute turn around between the two rounds and that was one of the last game to finish so it wasn't caught until later