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• The congress will be featured on local t.v. The Dundee Channel will make a video report during the weekend that will be aired shortly after the event

• Free WiFi in the venue;

• We will broadcast live play from two boards of the Open. We will have monitors set up in the lounge to show those games for the interest of anyone whose game(s) finish earlier. You could use your own internet-enabled devices. Unfortunately the CS boards are not available to us.

• Graham Mooney (FIDE 1938, CS 1816) will conduct coaching/commentary on the live games of the first three rounds. This is aimed at juniors and interested adults and each session will start 2 hours after the start of the rounds. These sessions will open with a run through of play to that time then commentary on moves as they are played, all on an interactive question and discussion basis. Graham can’t be with us on Sunday, unfortunately.

• We will have live streaming video of boards one and two of the Open again

• The draws for the Richardson and Spens Cups will be live on video (2:15 Saturday 15th)
Keith Rose Wrote:Unfortunately the CS boards are not available to us.

Why not?
Quote:Keith Rose wrote:
Unfortunately the CS boards are not available to us.

Why not?

Our Technical Whizz had a chat with AH at Lothians and here is what our TW emailed to me:

"...(the boards) had to be taken back to East Kilbride for further testing. Even if someone went down the East Kilbride to pick them up, it's not going to be straightforward for me to get them working in time for the Dundee. There are currently no instructions and I'm not sure if I would have time to figure it out given the Dundee Congress less than 2 weeks away. Given how much has been spent on the boards, it would be bad news for everyone if we tried and then failed to get them working properly"

It's a bit disappointing but fair enough, some glitches at Lothians are mentioned in that thread and by AH on his blog. Still, two boards (wired) is more than we've had before and we're confident in the set up.
Good luck with your event Keith. Unfortunately; despite my strong desire to take part; I can't spare the time. Sad It still remains one of the most enjoyable tournaments that I have played. Big Grin
Thanks Andrew, we'll miss you! Perhaps next year.
This is looking like building into a brammer of a tournament ! 43 in the Open and Major already. Looking forward to it immensely but beginning to get edgy that some of the juniors I am there to watch are gonna gie me a right pastin'. Come on Keith, keep the old codgers and feartys away from this aggressive bunch of low graded juniors as we can't risk getting duffed up, then try to tell them how to approach games at future tournaments.

Signed A. Fearty

( Robin Moore).
It might be of interest that a couple of years two ago Donald Wilson and I had a conversation with a couple of juniors as to how we might deal with those young persons who stray from the straight and narrow. I can't remember our very practical solution but the venue has an outdoor swimming pool that is covered during the winter and if a couple of bodies were to be inadvertantly covered over nobody would discover them until them Spring.

Would that help?
Oh, and by the way, this is shaping up to be our best yet. So far we have 17 entries of 2000+ which equals our previous best, and we have 5 titled players which is more than we've had before.

And there's room for more.. the target for best numbers is 144 - keep them coming.
I must object most strongly to the organisers of this tournament for allowing half the boys Scottish junior squad to have sneaked in to the bottom half of the Major. Aye, and it's some of the most aggressive ones too. They are sitting there, vulture like, gleefully waiting to strip the carcasses of honest adults of a stash of grading points. We have worked hard through honest sweat, toil, luck, and the odd pockle to achieve our present hard earned grading status. Perhaps there should be some sort of insurance policy you could redeem in the event of being "juniored". A bit like a protected no claims discount on your motor vehicle. Hold on, that's no a bad idea, you pay a little bit more for your CS membership and if you get ambushed by one of these young pretenders who gives you an awfy gubbin' then you get off scot free grading wise. How about that one for raising CS funds?

I think we need a like button...
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