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Ianbrownlee Wrote:yes Phil its definitely on the Monday The original mistake was because the caretaker insisted I got the date wrong and I was too lazy to check. how do you like your coffee Phi,l plenty biccies as well

Milk, and one sugar please Ian

Thought it was time to bump this topic up to the top of the heap. 20 entries on yesterdays list means that 12 spaces remain. Lets see some more entries soon.
not any of the strong stuff Phil? anyway your coffee and biscuits awaits I'm leaving for Majorca in a few minutes but I'll be back next Wednesday night
entries as of Wednesday night

John Tonkin
Jimmy Doyle
Tony Dunlop
John Nicol ( Lanark)
Ian Brownlee
Jim Smalls
George Brown
Alexander Bond (Junior)
Lauren Bond (Junior)
Phil Thomas
Robbie Panton
John M Pearston
Jim Frame
James Watson
Tony Burns
Bill Perrie (Bernard Airlie entered you)
Bernard Airlie
James Drummond
Dave Stephens
Brodie Aitken (Junior)
Lauren Hulme (Junior)
Willie Hulme
Ian Marks
Please note junior fees reduced to £10.00 for this year Juniors are classed as under 16 years
here's the final entrant list draw will be posted asap
Lanark Open 2013

1 Marks, Ian A 2040
2 Doyle, James 1906
3 Hulme, William 1870
4 Thomas, Phil 1822
5 Smalls, Jim A 1772
6 Brownlee, Ian G 1698
7 Dunlop, Anthony 1696
8 Watson, James 1628
9 Pearston, John M 1500
10 Bond, Alexander 1480
11 Nicol, John B 1441
12 Burns, Anthony 1271
13 Brown, George R 1216
14 Drummond, James 1213
15 Panton, Robbie 1202
16 Tonkin, John 1172
17 Airlie, Bernard 1160
18 Perrie, Bill 1108
19 Bond, Lauren 784
20 Strachan, William 756
21 Hulme, Lauren 667
22 Aitken, Brodie 608
Here is the provision first round draw , John Nicol, I'll contact you nearer the time to see if you still have a bye
Board number, white, black
1 Marks, Ian A : Burns, Anthony
2 Brown, George : Doyle, Jim
3 Hulme, William : Drummond, James
4 Panton, Robbie : Thomas, Phil
5 Smalls, Jim : Airlie, Bernard
6 Perrie, Bill : Brownlee, Ian
7 Dunlop, Anthony : Bond, Lauren
8 Strachan, William : Watson, James
9 Pearston, John : Hulme, Lauren
10 Aitken, Brodie : Bond, Alexander
11 Nicol, John 1:0 BYE
12 Tonkin, John .5:.5 BYE
2nde round draw guys

1 Brownlee, Ian (1) : Marks, Ian A (1)
2 Doyle, Jim (1) : Pearston, John (1)
3 Watson, James (1) : Hulme, William (1)
4 Thomas, Phil (1): Nicol, John (1)
5 Bond, Alexander (1) : Smalls, Jim (1)
6 Dunlop, Anthony (0.5): Tonkin, John (0.5)
7 Burns, Anthony (0): Perrie, Bill (0)
8 Bond, Lauren (0) : Frame, Jim (0)
9 Hulme, Lauren (0): Brown, George (0)
10 Drummond, James (0): Strachan, William (0)
11 Airlie, Bernard (0): Aitken, Brodie (0)
How can Anthony Dunlop have 0.5 at the start of round 2 if Lauren Bond (his round 1 opponent) has 0 at the start of round 2? Is that a mistake, or am I missing the obvious? 8)

the round 1 draw was provisonal only. For some reason (unknown to me) Tony Dunlop was not there on Monday. I presume he took a half point bye before play started
Ah, that explains it then. Thanks. Big Grin
just to explain Tony Dunlop asked for a bye late on which was granted. Also Robbie
had to withdraw at the moment due to ill health and I almost forget to enter Jim Mclean. I had great fun on Monday ! Fortunately Tom Donahue was able to amend the draw on time and at short notice (thanks Tom) Also major thanks to Michael Hanley for helping out at short notice Big Grin Big Grin
I would also like to thank all entrants noth for being on time and for the spirit in which the games were played =)
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