Full Version: Ayrshire Allegro, Prestwick Junior & Paul Motwani
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A busy Saturday, May 11th at the Parkstone Hotel in Prestwick.

The Ayrshire Allegro and the Prestwick Junior Saturday events start at 10am and will be followed by a talk from GM Paul Motwani.

Information, entry forms and lots more are now available on the website -

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The events are not restricted to Ayrshire players only but open to all. Entries are a bit disappointing at the moment but I'm hoping for a rush of late interest. The event will go ahead and I will be at the Glasgow Congress this weekend, where I will accept entries and have entry leaflets available.

The GM Paul Motwani talk is free to all entrants who wish to stay on.

The evening dinner afterwards is entirely optional.

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The Ayrshire Allegro is fast approaching. Entries have picked up a little and are still being accepted.

There will be prize money in each section and entrants can also stay for the talk by GM Paul Motwani which will take place at 3pm after the Allegro.

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GM Paul Motwani in superb form at a most enjoyable, Troon Chess Club hosted dinner. Only today left to enter the allegro and junior Saturday where GM Motwani will give out more prizes. E-mail is now the best way to enter the events.

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This afternoon GM Paul Motwani visited the home of chess, at Greenwood Academy in Dregorn near Irvine. The Greenwood Chess Club run by Mr Taylor is about to go into its 40th consecutive year of existence and the number of pupils who have been members of the chess club could only be counted by a Mathematics teacher.

After a brief question and answer session, it was down to the business of a simultaneous display against current members of the Greenwood club still attending the school. Fortunately, former pupils were barred from particpating, although one or two were along to watch.

Paul's experience as a teacher certainly showed through when he was going round the boards, as he chatted and guided the novice and the more experienced players. Each player also received a small gift from Paul, as a momento.

GM Motwani was very impressed with many of the Greenwood players and had particular praise for Jordan Barr, Jordon Wong, Jack Stewart and Daniel Deary. After a most enjoyable three hours Paul had defeated all bar one and congratulations must go to Daniel Deary who held Scotland's first Grandmaster to a draw.

Paul's final appearance on his visit to Ayrshire will be at the Parkstone Hotel in Prestwick tomorrow, where he will give, what will undoubtedly be an entertaining and informative talk at 3pm.
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