Full Version: Benidorm 2012
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results so far may be misleading as two of our party overslept 2 hours for a 5pm start for first round. ;|

despite frantic phone calls the errant pair failed to stir. the more sober of the two made apologies to the arbitro, but due to language barriers, the said sober one was taken out of the tournament =|
He pointed this out but was too late to get included for round 2, got a one point bye and an early arrival at the all inclusive bar. :U

so 2 rounds in and not a pawn pushed.
We are all home safely. I noticed on the budget thread elsewhere Adam mentioning lack of Fide rated events. If you want a Fide rating Benidorm is probably one of the best value events to go to. Ten nights all inclusive at the Gran Bali venue (4 star) cost us £250 for all inclusive (san miguel beer/ decent quality wine and spirits) and £50 return for the flight. Transfers come in around £15 return. There are lots of other tournaments also apart from the sub 2000 (us) and the sub 2300 like night, rapid and junior events. All in all, value for money it is very hard to beat.