Full Version: FIDE GP London
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I'm surprised that no one has mentioned this yet but there is a big event in London at the moment. The playing area is fabulous an it is quie awe inspring when I think that I am sitting where greats like Morphy and Staunton once sat and played
Players are playing incredibly fast this afternoon. I wonder if it is because tomorrow is a rest day
This post from Peter Smith on the ECForum:

Quote:I think it is outrageous that this event is closed to actual spectators. I traveled up to London today to see these top players only to be met by a bouncer at Simpsons barring my way and preventing attendance. Agon could have at least made this policy clear on its website, then I wouldn't have wasted £30 on a train ticket! It's all wrong anyway. They shouldn't bother bringing these players to London if you can't see them. Watching on a video link is NOT the same as attending a live event. They might as well be playing on the moon. KEEP CHESS LIVE!!

Perhaps a reason why not much is being written about it by your average chess-playing Joe?!
The clip of Giri and Adams discussing their game here is worth a watch if anyone fancies a giggle: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... deo-report</a><!-- m -->