Full Version: Censorship on motion 4
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Andrew (McHarg), whilst i may agree with your sentiments, your actions smack of censorship. Not only do you deny everyone freedom of speech and right of reply on that thread; you also did not allow anyone to comment on your actions. I believe that you genuinely feel that you are doing the right thing but it is leaving you personally open to claims of abuse of power.

I locked Andrews post as I wanted people to get the message so to speak. I am more than happy for it to be discussed here in this thread if you are happy, the only stipulation is I don't want a repeat of that thread!

I am hoping everyone will read what was said by Andy and I and take it on board. I don't think I have received so many emails as I have today and I appreciate the comments in them, good or bad. We are trying to be fair and even handed and it is rare that we have to moderate here.

Angus McDonald

Quote:We are trying to be fair and even handed

Does that include me Andy?

Because the evidence before it was deleted suggested different. Instead of just locking the thread you yet again singled me out for criticism when I hadn't even said anything incorrect. When I tried to make that point later Andrew deleted all the posts I made. Why?
"It is clear that not in one thing alone, but in many ways equality and freedom of speech are a good thing."
Sheer madness. Adults bickering and mud-slinging, instead of trying to find constructive ways to benefit and progress junior chess. Thoroughly cheesed off with the whole thing. Have a look at yourselves.
Its a shame that it was felt necessary as I believe there were a number of valid concerns raised but I would trust that those will last longer in people's memory than the rest of it.
is it true that security is being beefed up for the AGM? so long as it aint G4S Big Grin
I heard Michael was using his Castlemilk contacts.....

Angus McDonald

Or somewhere else where somebody holds your arms behind your back whilst the other punches you in the face.

Angus McDonald

Please delete my user.

You have no intention of moderating my posts fairly.

Angus McDonald
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