Full Version: Tournament Stats
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We have now rolled out the first part of a new development on tournament stats. When you visit a player's page after searching for them you'll now notice four links, as follows (new in bold):

- View Games: Lists all the games played by the player for the selected season and grade type.

- View Stats: Shows the player's stats including best wins, %wdl etc

- View Tournaments (Regular/Allegro): Shows top 10 tournaments based on TPR and a graph of all the player's TPRs in chronological order. Note for statistical accuracy events with too few games have been excluded. This feature also includes leagues as if they were single tournaments. Some TPRs may be slightly different to those shown on the final standings pages of the tournaments because they are freshly calculated and use a slightly different way of doing it. Instead of always rounding in a particular way the new version rounds to the nearest expected score, and so creates a slightly more reliable figure. This can be changed if anyone thinks it necessary.

Please pass on any thoughts or issues you find with the above.

More coming soon... Big Grin
Andrew, its looking great.
Again, the additional functionality you are adding to the website is excellent and adds to the value of membership.

I like the Top 10 Tournaments based on TPR and the graph with chronological order.
Only build and I am sure you are on top of it anyway is that the graph does not have the years on the axis.

Keep up the good work!