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It seems I am cursed when it comes to the Scottish Championships and car parking problems.

Last year in Edinburgh I caught a traffic warden ticketing me despite my blue badge being visible, for which he got an unpleasant earful. It made me feel better at any rate.

This year, the limited parking options for me meant that using the NCP in Glassford Street was the best option, although pricy. From there it wasn't too arduous to get a wheelchair to the venue, albeit with help. However, today I received a "Bus Lane Enforcement Charge Notice" for driving in a bus lane on Glassford Street. The council provided 3 fine pics as evidence (taken from an overhead camera), it is definitely me as one of my sidelights is out Big Grin

But this was a direct result of turning right out of the NCP onto Glassford Street - fortunately I only did this on one day. Anybody else get pinged for this? Can't remember seeing any signage so am thoroughly peeved to say the least :\
Now you have got me worried Mike Sad I used the same car park for at least 5 or 6 days and always turned right to go up Glassford Street. After my parking tickets and car being towed away in Edinburgh disasters the last thing I need is 5 or 6 fines for driving in a bus lane. I never saw any signs either but as I will be in town tomorrow I will check this out, sigh............

I've just "google-driven" the area around Glassford Street and didn't see any signs indicating "no right turn for vehicles other than buses or taxis". I'm assuming the approach to Glassford Street was from the Trongate/Argylle Street.

I did notice the road was painted red but I would have been on it by the time I realised it was a bus route. If it were me I would be reluctant to pay a fine and if I had no alternative I would certainly be asking that any fine I paid was put towards adequately sign posting the fact that you can't turn right unless you are a bus or a taxi.

Challenge it. They did in Edinburgh and look what happened
I'm dreading getting home to the post now!!

We had a warning before they came compulsory for the one in West George street.
The trouble with some of the bus lanes is that you turn into a road & don't realise
until its too late that iits a restricted lane.

Another form of taxing the public. Sad
Apologies to the ladies for making them dread their doormats...

Oh trust me when I say I will challenge it, I am nothing if not argumentative and enjoy a good rant at the council. As Jackie points out, it is another easy way of generating revenue (on the pics in question, all the buses are heading in the other direction!).

Davie I approached Glassford St from Ingram St by turning left. I only turned right out of the NCP on one occasion; clearly it was one occasion too many. I don't recall signage and wasn't even aware Glasgow had these cameras; I remember the reports of Edinburgh's abortive scheme but hadn't realised it had made its way west.

In any case Davie I'm not supposed to be talking to you after the punishment you meted out in R2 :U
Arrived home to two £30 fines. Still awaiting the other four.............. :\

Am going to take this all the way!!!!
Argh, I used the same carpark once. I'm not sure if I went right or left.

I just got a letter about something else related to driving to the Scottish to get Daniel after I watched Ayr beat Motherwell (Sorry Andy ;P) and I'm not too happy about that. I'm beginning to think that driving to the Scottish was a bad idea. :\
Having been responsible for Mike turning right onto Glassford Street, I actually went there last night to have a look at the signage.

As you leave NCP there is in fact a no right turn sign over the exit, but this is inside the carpark, not on the road. I only found it because I went looking for it. The sign is far too high to be in a driver's line of sight as they negotiate the rather tight turns, and I feel that more could be done by NCP to alert users to the bus lane.

Opposite the exit there are two notices, they are very small, and only in black and white. They are not, repeat not, eye-catching. I for one never noticed them on any of the five occasions I left the car park with Mike. These signs only notify you that a bus lane exists. The bus lane would appear to terminate at the next set of traffic lights, some 50/60 metres further on. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that such notices should be instructions, and as such be in a circular sign and in red.

To be clear, I am of the opinion that the signs as at present are insufficient, if not indeed wrong. I intend returning later on Thursday to take a few photos.
If you hadn't been in the car Andy the odds are I would have been nailed every day, as turning right out of the NCP is the way I would choose to get back to Rutherglen (it leads to roads I know better at any rate).
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