Full Version: !4th IBCA Olympiad for the Blind
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I will be flying to Chennai for the 14th IBCA Olympiad for the blind and also for the IBCA Congress.

Here is a link to a short film about our event

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This kicks off tomorrow. No news on the draw or who's on live boards yet. Play well Steve.
Greetings from Chennai everyone.

The first round of the Olympiad took place yesterday and Britain defeated the Netherlands 4-0.
I won as white against the Slav defence.
Today We are playing Iran but I am not playing in this match.
Best Wishes
to All
Steve Hilton
We defeated Iran 2.5-1.5.
today we play Poland on table 2
Good luck Team GB! And to Steve's Scottish contribution within it. According to the Greenock Telegraph, I believe we must all also thank a pair of well-known recent Lottery winners from the Inverclyde area for sponsoring Steve's particpation fully!?
We are now on 4 wins from 4 matches!! In round three we defeated Poland and in round 4 India A by the same score 2.5-1.5. We play Spain tomorrow and we are ahead of the Russians!!
Results update

Round 5 UK 1.5 Spain 2.5
Round 6 UK 0.5 Ukraine 3.5
Round 7 UK 1.5 Germany 2.5
Round 8 UK 3.5 Slovenia 0.5

Last round later today. I make the Uk 7th going into the final round. It's all quite tight at the top with the top five still with a chance of winning the tournament and the top 7 with a chance of the medal places.

Russia lead the way from Spain, Ukraine and Germany.
We got the Russians in the last round!! Sadly we were losing 3-0 to them with only Crouch's game against Meshkov the only game left. I lost on board 3 to the former World Champion Sergey Krylov after 55 moves.
Still there is the Marymass to look forward to next weekend Big Grin

Still I was re elected as Secretary General of the IBCA for another 5 years!!.