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Board 11 one of the players has not turned up yet, board 14 is being its typical self...
i'll take that back. Board 14 has just sprung into life and is working! The marvels of modern technology...
Why is Jacob's game a draw? Barely started... ! Sad
William Hulme Wrote:Great work & thanks for giving us these round by round games so fast!!
...although whoever is constantly entering the batches of games with the "Month" and "Day" fields mixed up will have problems today as there is no 13th month Tongue
I'm also working on a "tidied up" version for the DOWNLOADS page of the complete Championship games - with corrections for as much as I can find e.g. dates, event name standardisation, removing the annoying GM, IM etc from beginning of players names (I am in no way implying that any of our titled players are annoying Big Grin ) so you can find the games via a search in future!
Donald Holmes has had to withdraw from the Championship on medical grounds.
that's terrible news, he was going so well, highest scoring Scot!
Andrew McHarg Wrote:Why is Jacob's game a draw? Barely started... ! Sad

Because playing nine long games in nine days is very tiring, because a draw against a player of Rukh's calibre is a decent result, because he perhaps wasn't totally jazzed about his position out of the opening and because there's quite a lot of money at stake here so you can forgive them for jockeying for position.
Filler needed today to play in the Championship, as strong as possible to play a GM
Well done Graeme Nolan for stepping in today, no a bad filler player! Enjoying Sengupta-Aagard game, haven't a clue how much is theory but some tricky stuff.
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