Full Version: Player Quick Search (New Feature Installed)
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The home page now sees the introduction of a new module. The "Player Quick Search" module makes it easier to find the players/clubs you want without requiring a more detailed search. The detailed search facility is still available, but I think the vast majority of searches will likely involve the searcher already knowing who/what they are looking for, so advanced filters might seem a bit pointless for these people.

Note that the "Player Quick Search" is quite flexible. You can search for a pnum, forename, surname, or a forename and surname. So for instance: "Jonathan Rowson", will find him, as the search will look at both words independently of each other.

The "Sensory Board Fund" donation has been moved to the left of the page to accommodate the above.

Hope you all find it useful. Please pass on any issues you have. Big Grin

Thanks Andrew,
That feature is very handy and will be really useful for team captains checking players & grades in the new season!