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We are still looking for a suitable captain for the event in Istanbul in August.
Teams more or less picked, will announce when captain finalised.
Please contact me if you are interested
Captain now selected, waiting on 5th lady player now

Would you be kind enough to explain why you decided on GM Keith Arkell being chosen as captain of the Scotland Olympiad team and how his place is being funded?

Keith Arkell was the best candidate for captain
The funding for the whole squad comes from the International Budget

I just wish to be certain I have got this correct here. You have selected someone from outwith Scotland to be captain of our national team and have used our allocated budget for Scottish international events to pay for this. Is that the case?

It is May the 1st isn't it, not April the 1st?

I can think of one very good reason that Keith Arkell would not be the best candidate, even if he was the only candidate.

Ok, let's hear it.
I would be very interested to hear more about this decision - bit of a surprise choice to many people I would imagine =o
Apart from the fact that I don't think he's eligible to actually play for Scotland (and I get that it's a non-playing role), he's not a Chess Scotland member and unless he's cancelled his membership very recently, he wasn't one when the decision was made.

Were there any other candidates?
Keith was easily the best candidate. I am not concerned that he is English. The players wanted him.
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