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I am not going to reveal costs of individual squad members - this jeopardises a member's participation -the total cost of the olympiad will appear in the accounts at year end and should be within the International budget

what about the following scenarios?
Roy Hodgson = England football manager not Harry
Andy Robinson = Scotland rugby coach =Wooden Spoon winners in 2012
Ivan Lendl has not paid his Tennis Scotland fees and is banned from coaching Andy Murray at Wimbledon
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Well perhaps you could explain to all CS members the implications in cost to them with reference to 4.5.1, 4.5.2 and in the link above? You don't need to be exact, just tell everyone what we are paying for, ie flights, transfers, accommodation, fees etc,

I am simply trying to clarify what options Andy had in choosing a captain and the costs involved in taking a non-playing captain/ head of delegation who is not recognised as Scottish, qualified to play for Scotland or a CS member. As a CS member I feel, like others before me, that I am entitled to some straight answers about how our money is being spent and if other options were available. I totally disagree with selecting someone for this role outwith CS members,

The International Budget will pay travel costs for the 11 members of the party. Andy Howie's costs come from the FIDE budget
There are no accommodation costs.
Junior events are not broken down into detailed cost per participant e.g. Matthew Turner coaching, chaperones, etc so I dont see the need for detail here.


I will show you mine if you will show me yours !

Liverpool Quadrangular 2011-Coach GM Matthew Turner. Fee £0.00 Travel Expenses £0.00 Total cost £0.00

Chaperones fees - I am not certain but it is either £0.00 or very close to it.

There, it's your turn now,

No - I shall not disclose the fees. The total cost for the Olympiad might be about £6000 but it depends on travel costs. If I disclosed fees then some players might complain and would lead to disharmony. Not worth the risk.
E.g if I said Colin McNab gets x and Rowson would have got y then Alan Tate might want z and we would spend over budget to get the players and end up bankrupt like Rangers football club and I am not going down that route.
All members need to know is total cost and if it is in the budget.
As far as I know there is no requirement for me to give anything other than total cost for Olympiad and no requirement for the captain to be Scottish or a CS member so I am happy with what I have done.
I'd just like to say that I'm happy with the decision to appoint Keith Arkell as the non-playing captain - will certainly provide great chess support, as well as support concerning issues off the board.

However, on the matter of disclosing the breakdown of expenses for the Olympiad... I think it's Andy's duty as Director to show transparency and provide a breakdown of expenses per individual should a member want to see them (doesn't have to be over a forum). It is basically a right as a stakeholder. If you feel that it would cause players to become disgruntled due to a disparity in fees then so be it. These players should be wanting to represent their country, but that's another discussion altogether.

Angus McDonald

For enlisting the best support available irrespective of nationality.

For open accountability.

For members having their right to say what they think in respectful manner.

Still think CS members are getting a lot for a little and those who arn't members are getting a lot for nothing!
Since it's been mentioned...are some/all of those listed getting 'fees' to play for/manage the Scotland team (beyond expenses)?

On the Arkell point, I don't mind our team captain/manager not being Scottish, though I would have preferred some links to Scotland even if it were only a nominal CS membership.

More important is that the person chosen has the right qualifications to do the job; strong-ish player, preferably extensive coaching experience, prior history of managing a team on the biggest stage, great organisational skills, good working relationship with the players, and probably a few other attributes which I can't think of right now.

Perhaps Mr Arkell ticks all these boxes? It does seem a shame that no-one closer to home fit the bill though, as it would be good for the overall development of Scottish chess to have someone with that experience.
Still waiting for an acceptable answer to the following:

Quote:Some questions:
1) How much is it costing? I would like actual pounds and pence.
2) Who else applied for the role of Captain?
3) What is the Captain's job description?
4) Have we had Captains in the past and who were they?

I'll add another one too:

5) Has the increase in the International budget been used in part or wholly to fund Arkell's position? This is quite important as there are some serious governance issues surrounding this and how this increase in budget was communicated to CS members and to Council prior to its approval.

Andy if you feel more comfortable messaging me in private please do but transparency should be of the
upmost priority to any CS Director.
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