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Don't know if Andy is across there with the live boards, but is there any chance we can be updated on the round by round results please?

Isolated in Prestwick.
I drew against a very strong L.Paton. I was very fortunate!!

I believe this is the same L.Paton that 11 year old Anna Milton gave a Shereshevsky endgame strategy lesson to at the Dundee congress.

If that book is so good why are your endgames so bad?

A better explanation is that an 11 year girl played better in the endgame than her experienced adult opponent.

Careful how you reply, I have the score of your loss against Daniel =o

Nice one! I don't think it's any secret that my nemesis is the clock. My results abroad under longer time controls at places like the Czech open where I feel I can analyse properly are a lot better than here. I am also a rotten allegro player. Come to think of it, I recall I was about 40 minutes down on the clock in that game against Daniel but he outplayed me fair and square, I didn't even manage to reach a proper endgame. Anna and I have analysed that game against Lisa at length,

Unfortunately I have had to sit this one out this weekend, sometimes it's not possible to squeeze in every last potential game of chess! Sad

But I agree it would be interesting to see how the tournaments develop over the course of the weekend.
What is the deal with the live boards out of interest? Do tournaments have to pay a ridiculous amount to get them for the weekend? If CS has sensory boards, and there is a group of players who would love to follow online, what is stopping every larger event in Scotland from using them? I know personally I would have loved to see them in use this weekend.
Simple Adam, I am in Blackpool
Andy Howie Wrote:Simple Adam, I am in Blackpool

So it is just you who can use them? At the risk of sounding like I am trying to make you redundant, is there not a possibility to "teach" maybe the congress organisers or arbiters how to set them up, so it would take the burden away from you all the time?

On a side note then, didn't realise that it was just you doing all the hard work so I could watch some of these games online! So thanks for doing it =)
Its me with either Mick or Phil helping me by driving. The plan is to train others up when the new software is released. it is quite hard at the moment as Dundee Wi
ll tell you
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