Full Version: Online Simul - Take on GM Jacob Aagaard
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GM Jacob Aagaard is kindly hosting an online simul on Lichess on the 15th of April at 6pm

Time control for the players will be 30+10

If you are interested, please send your Lichess username to Andy by 13th April.

We are hoping to set up a series of these so keep an eye on announcements for future events.

Big thanks to Jacob for coming up with this idea!
15 players took part and the final result was +9 =2 -4 meaning a 10-5 win for Jacob.

I'd personally like to thank Jacob for suggesting this as well as offering to play. It was great fun to watch and I know the players enjoyed it.

Congratulations to William Hulme, Darius Kosznik, Sanjith Madhavan and Ross Blackford for your wins and to Mike Chisholm and Callum Robertson on your draws.