Full Version: SNCL Captains Urgent please read
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Hi Folks the vast majority of teams this year did not send me any contact details so I can't get in touch to ensure they know SNCL is postponed. Yes I'm sure they have probably realised this but it is my job to make sure!!

Therefore would a representative of each team please write a short reply on this thread to let me know you are aware.

All I really need is  eg  Dunfermline Knights and Knaves are aware SNCL is cancelled

Thank you and keep safe


Forth Valley 1 and 2 are aware SNCL is cancelled
EK Aware
Bon Accord aware
Musselburgh aware
Hi Glynis,

Stepps aware too.

One that note, would it be possible to have clarification if the SNCL is indeed “cancelled” like e.g. Lanarkshire League, or is it “postponed” with a view to try and replay round 7 next season !??
Postponed seems unrealistic as teams change players / grading / board orders, etc between seasons.
Would it be possible to know when clarification would be given of the outcome of each division.

Edinburgh West know.
Kilmarnock know.
Dundee City are aware
Lenzie, Rajaferz & Silly Sicilians all aware thanks
CSBOS1 and CSBOS2 are aware.
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