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It's that time again. The dates are 4th and 25th Nov, 24th of Feb and March.  Entry deadline 26th Oct.

I have completed entry forms and will send them to Karen Howie and Douglas Bryson for delivery to clubs and website calendar. However, I am happy for you to add your intention to participate on this site so that everyone can see who has entered.

Fee is £100 for team of 5, seven games each ----- great value!!!

Venue still at Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline.

Dunfermline have entered
BA will be entering two teams as last year, looking forward to it.
So far I have

BonAccord 1 and 2
Edinburgh 1and 2
Crouching Tigers
Hidden Dragons
CSBOS 1 and 2

Thank you for your prompt replies

Inverclyde and Stepps now entered

Thistles are in.

Kilmarnock entered

That's sixteen so far. Come on the rest of you!!!

Perth , Forth Valley 1 and 2 entered

You realise folks I am writing all these entries so that

a) Andy Howie knows which teams are entered so that he can do the draw

b) you can chase up your team captains if you don't see your team on these threads.

Lots of traditional teams still not entered. Plenty of room for new teams.

Dumfries A and B now entered
(15-10-2018, 06:27 PM)Glynis Grant Wrote: [ -> ]Dumfries A and B now entered

Please include Edinburgh West. Thanks
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