Full Version: 2020 Chess 2018-19: Scotland Qualifier!
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Hi all,

We're delighted to announce the details for the upcoming season:

Saturday 26th January at Edinburgh University, Teviot Row House 13 Bristo Pl, Edinburgh EH8 9AJ

Wandering Dragons were victorious last time, you can see the results/reports from previous tournaments on these links:


If you have any questions or would like to enter please comment below, or email us at 

Best of luck Smile 


We've just emailed all the clubs and unis across Scotland with further details, if you think you should have been included and haven't my apologies please let me know!

Here's to a great event Smile


New entry from Sandy Bells Chess club!


Upcoming this Saturday!

We've had several teams enter from Glasgow Edinburgh and Strathcylde University along with Sandy Bells Chess Club and we have more confirming their place.

Should you wish to join please contact me at or visit the website

Thanks Smile


We have seven teams thus far, still not too late to enter! Email if you'd like to take part


New entry from 'Bank of Scotland' taking it up to eight teams thus far!
From your website: Alexander Taylor: Head ECF Qualified Arbiter

Can you please explain this statement?

Alex Taylor is listed as Cat 1 arbiter on the ECF website. That means he has passed the test but not that he is qualified. Qualification requires level 2 status.
Even if he is level 2 he is not the Head ECF Qualified Arbiter, that surely is Lara Barnes. Head Arbiter (ECF Qualified) might be a better way of putting it.

If the ECF website contains his correct status then it would be more accurate to say Our Head Arbiter has passed the exam but is not qualified as he has not yet satisfied the assessment requirements.
I know that a significant number of English people are trying hard to get the assessments required to be classed as qualified. It is not fair to them if someone just assumes the title.


I have updated the website accordingly, thank you for clarifying.


We have 11 teams tomorrow! This is a record for Scotland for 2020 Smile

Edinburgh University A
Edinburgh University B
Glasgow University A
Glasgow University B
Glasgow University C
Strathclyde University A
Strathclyde University B
Sandy Bells Chess Club
Bank of Scotland Chess Club
Edinburgh Chess Club A
Edinburgh Chess Club B


If anyone else would like to join please let me know, even if you don't have a team we are getting a mixed 'Barbarians' side sorted to even up the numbers

Good luck everyone!