Full Version: Glorney - A Thanks from the TD
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After 3 days, the festivities are over. I hope you will forgive me for waiting a day before I upload a report on the event.

It would be remiss of me to not record my thanks to all the players, coaches, heads of delegation and parents for making the event very simple and a pleasure to run.

The Glorney Committee did a power of work and made this event a complete success with Ian and Jim taking the lead. I thank each and every one of them.

The Scotland team performed to our seedings and each and every one of them gave it their all. Thanks for all your hard work.

Finally I would like to thank my Arbiting team. Alex McFarlane who was the Chief Arbiter, Fiona Petrie, Ken Stewart, Simon Gillam and David Clayton who all were instrumental in the day to day success of the event.

Andy Howie
Executive Director