Full Version: George Brown
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I have to announce the death of George Brown, one of the stalwarts of Lanark Chess Club, George was Lanark Chess Club and was by far the most reliable friend you could hope to have. George was our longest serving member and won the Club Championship five times and I'm sure he could have won a lot more.  There  was nothing I liked better than playing George at bounce games on a Monday night. Sadly George's health over the last couple of years prevented him from driving and consequently attending the club.  The last time I played him in a graded game he won my queen in the opening and attacked my position reminiscent of his younger playing strength. George's gentlemanly manner over the board was always exemplary and I always use his example which reaching youngsters the intricies of the game.

George will be sorely missed and Lanark Chess Club will never be the same without him.