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Is anyone watching? Xmas just came early for Craig Pritchett just now  Big Grin
Craig deserves a bit of luck, persistence in face of adversity is a good chess quality.
Nice win for Jonathan Grant today. That's 2 in a row now with some impressive endgame play.
Jonathan is playing Keti today. The British has now changed from a 2-week event to a 1-week event. It looks like the 3 Edinburgh West players have organised cheap accommodation together to make the event financially viable. Due to much reduced costs I might even look in to playing next year.
You will have to qualify using one of the qualification methods. Only Murad can claim a place as Scottish Champion

Here's a crazy idea:
Given the Glorney is in Scotland next year, and the Scottish will be again (obviously), would it not be really marvellous (and in everyone's interest) if the British were to? Any chance we could perhaps have a dialogue with them and explore the options?
You are right, it is crazy.

I think next year is already booked. Even if not you are asking the same group of people to do the Scottish, Glorney then British, a couple of weeks R&R then off to the Olympiad.
Fair point Andy, equally if we ever want this in Scotland (and actually I was told next year is not decided yet) then we'd obviously need a pretext. The real issue, as we all know, is politics and people - in comparison, logistics sounds like something there might be a solution to. But, yeh, the definition of crazy is probably asking the same people to do the same things over and over again and expecting a different answer. A dreamer, yes - I just hope I'm not the only one.

More realistically, I fear nothing will change until the people do.
Rnd 9 is in progress!

Early start today, entirely sensible to let people get on their treks home earlier. I see a few early draws today, the % of draws in the final round must have a massive increase?
(05-08-2017, 08:13 PM)Andy Howie Wrote: [ -> ]You will have to qualify using one of the qualification methods.  Only Murad can claim a place as Scottish Champion

We actually have 4 nominated spots as in previous years Andy - I'll have to check if this includes the Scottish Champion spot (which I didn't know about!) None of them are funded, however.
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