Full Version: Tournaments abroad
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Hi all,

I received this list of events today for anyone who might fancy a new chess destination over the coming always I am happy to help with information/contacts for overseas events,

Andy Burnett
(CS International Director)

  1. 6-16 May First Saturday GM-IM-ELO closed tournaments, Budapest, org IO Nagy, – other e-mail:
  2. 18-26 May Zalakaros Open tournament with 35 K EURO prize found, 250 km West from Budapest,
  3. 3-13 June First Saturday,
  4. 11-19 June Balatonlelle Open, GM-IM, org IO Rigo,
  5. 24 June-1st July, GM tournament in South Slovakia, 6 and a half points GM-norm out of 9 games, info: IO Nagy,
  6. 1st-11th July First Saturday,
  7. 15-23 July Budapest Open, org: Balla Attila, e-mail:
  8. 5-15 August First Saturday,
  9. 19-28 August BSSZ-Aranytíz Open, GM-IM event, 6 and a half point GM norm from 9. Org: IO Nagy
  10. 2-12 Sept First Saturday