Full Version: The MacIsaac National Rapidplay Tournament
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Hi Guys

entry form and tournament details now posted here

Hopefully we'll have lots of interest for this inaugural  event

Anyone with any queries can either post them here or contact me directly
Sorry to put out negative thoughts on a new event (new events certainly always welcome).

£20 entry fee seems high to me for a days chess consisting of 5 Rapid games. I prefer to see free titled player entry to try and draw 1 or 2 in hopefully and add more prestige and value.
The cost of the venue and other costs to the event have to be factored in I'm afraid. having said that as a CS national event , the prize money should be higher than other events (another factor)
Feedback I have received indicates players would prefer to play in a hall of this stature. Once we get the inaugural event sorted out we will evaluate the tournament and if need be will adjust the entry fee accordingly for next year.

Andy Howie has agreed to be arbiter and I will be Tournament Director I have already received my first entry!
With all respect, I am scratching my head a wee bit. I just think it is better these things are said sometimes, if we don't voice our thoughts or opinions, thing's can't improve and organisers should not have to be mind readers.

I just looked at Irvine Congress in 2 weeks time - <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 4516082525</a><!-- m --> I played there last year and the venue was perfectly fine. The entry free is £25 for which I can get 4-5 games of proper chess. If I choose to enter the Open they have free entry for titled players and the list currently has 5 of them, now that is a draw for many, the chance to play (or even just watch) these guys. It has 3 levels of tournament also to match your playing strength. If prize money is your thing, then Irvine is more value, I just see more value on almost every and any aspect.

Could have picked any weekend congress really, is not about singling out Irvine in particular. The main point to take away really, is value for money.
Hi guys, first time I am posting here Smile
Would like to ask if anyone from Glasgow wouldn't mind to give me a lift that day?
Many thanks,
Hi Guys
when you are sending me entries, can you give me both your PNUM and which section of the Rapidplay you would like to enter
Hi Guys
Just reminding you of the National RapidPlay Tournament at Kirkcaldy on Saturday 13th May. There are two sections, an open which is FIDE rated and a major which is not. The winner of each section will get a keepsake trophy and a cash prize (dependant on entry).  The winner of the MacIsaac Trophy will be the Chess Scotland member with the greatest number of points in the Open, which will be decided by the tournament arbiter, Andy Howie. Please get back to me asap if either you are entering or you know someone who does. The deadline for entries is next Wednesday, 10th May. As well as the entry form on the web, I will accept emails as a means of entry.
If you are entering by email or by entry form please give your PNUM and indicate whether you wish to enter the open or major.
Hi Guys

we're changing the closing date for entries to last thing Friday night for different reasons. Please ignore the cut off date on the entry form. A few players cant decide until last minute for personal reasons. Jim Webster and Andy both say they can cope OK (hopefullu I'll be playing)
Hi Ian,

In case you see this before the tournament tomorrow, is it possible that you can bring the Spens Cup award for an extra player of Phones so I can give it to him.

Many thanks,
Link to results and draw

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