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(19-07-2017, 12:15 AM)Jim Webster Wrote: [ -> ]After Rd 5 in GM tournament - standings are: -

1  Rozentalis, Eduardas 3/5 2509
2  Petr, Martin 3/5 2486
3  Greet, Andrew N 3/5 2447
4  Cramling, Pia 3/5 2444
5  Williams, Simon K 3/4 2442
6  Arakhamia-Grant, Ketevan 3/5 2364
7  Kapnisis, Spyridon 2½/5 2464
8  McNab, Colin A 2½/5 2435
9  Arkell, Keith C 1/4 2424
10 Pritchett, Craig W 0/5 2326

Keith and Simon play their Rd 1 game on rest day (Wednesday)

The round 9 result is not real ( dare I say - Fake News ! )
You have both Alex and I completely puzzled this morning.  Neither of us can see this round 9 result and it is not on either of the two control computers.

If you see it again, please can you let us know!
The results are now correct, I think that an update has been done to the Chess-Results Pairings/Results since it now shows them after Round 5 when last night it was showing Round 3 results.
Yep that was me.  We have different licence keys so I have to update a different way.  I was referring to when we got in and checked to see where this erroneous round 9 result was from!
After his win today. Murad's grade is now 2307 and the FM title.

Well done Murad!
Huge congrats to Murad. Next stop, Scottish Champion!
Well done Murad, congratulations ;-)
Murad an early player of the year contender? Who was the player of the year by the way?

But to focus back on Murad, well done to him, outstanding stuff, not even surprised, richly deserved.
More congratulations to Murad... Scottish Champion! Well done Murad ;-)
Congrats to Murad, sorry I was not at the Prize giving as I had to keep an eye on the final game in the 150.

I am literally just in, can I personally thank Jim Anderson for hanging back and giving us a hand to pack away. There is a basic news item on the web page, I will update it after I have had some sleep (tomorrow) as I am out on my feet at the moment (I also need Alan to send on the photos).

Not my usual standard of service but I have been on the go since 9am this morning and it has been a long hard week for us so please accept my apologies
Does anyone know murad's date of birth . He might be youngest ever champ. I can do the calcs.
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